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Monday, May 28, 2018, 

9th Skopje Poster Festival closes with awards ceremony

9th Skopje Poster Festival closes with awards ceremony

Skopje, 21 November 2016 (MIA) – An exhibition of posters by students, vying for the top prize of the 9th Skopje Poster Festival - dubbed Identity Crisis – is set to be open Monday evening at the Museum of the City of Skopje.

Winners of this year’s call, organized by the Association of Graphic Designers, will be named at the event. The exhibit of award-winning student posters will run until November 30.

The number of submitted student posters has increased by at least a third compared to last year’s call. Submissions have been sent from all over the world, including Myanmar, Indonesia and several African countries.

Every year, calls for the student poster competition envisage socially engaged topics on some of the most pressing global and social issues, according to Gere Tripkov.

Прес за криза на идентитет

“Each year, we are selecting a social issue, in particular a global one, and some of the most delicate, most sensitive issues. We believe young students always have pure thoughts, probably untarnished from life experience. Identity crisis is a powerful topic because it covers several segments of our lives. Everything that is going on involving migration, discrimination – identity crisis is the number one issue in the world,” the Association’s president told a news conference earlier in the day.

Winners from the ninth call are going to be named at the opening – two equal top prizes will be awarded, followed by a special jury award and seven honorable recognitions.

The international jury is made up of artists from Poland, Denmark, Germany, France and Macedonia. ba/18:36


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