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Tuesday, August 21, 2018, 

Ljubljana's Drama theater to perform A Girl With Strings in Ohrid tonight


Ohrid, 7 August 2018 (MIA) – The Slovene National Theatre Drama from Ljubljana will perform A Girl With Strings (2018) at the Dolni Saraj stage in Ohrid at 9 pm.

Written by Marjan Nečak, Maja Hrgović, and Ana Bunteska, and co-produced by Moving Music Theater from Bitola, Macedonia, A Girl With Strings is dramatic opera about a female violinist traveling by train across Europe.

The play's music score is based on rock, pop, and electronica, weaving in circus sounds and 'operatic emotional culmination' performed by the two soloists Barbara Cerar and Uroš Fürst.

Marjan Nečak, the play's director, composer and set designer, told a news conference Tuesday that working on the play required 'a different kind of focus and a different kind of love.'

The dramatist Darja Dominkuš described the play as highly complex and demanding. "It completely engages the senses, while stirring empathy for what we cannot reach, what we dream about, and what we make art about," Dominkuš said.

Barbara Cerar, who plays the lead, said the play was 'a challenge that any actress could wish for.'


Making a reference to Danish poet and author Hans Christian Andersen's Little Match Girl from 1845, A Girl With Strings tells the story of a woman's life from the time she was a little girl dreaming of becoming a musician—but her father wasted the money set aside for her schooling—to an old woman still searching to find her place under the sun, having spent her entire life as a busker.

Set in contemporary Europe, which according to the authors is increasingly turning into a place of social exclusion confined by barbed wire, walls and general restrictions, the play serves as a reminder of the position many gifted individuals are in, unable to fully develop their potentials.

The drama unfolds, the authors write, 'between the real world and the dream world, in plausible, but often unpleasant situations at border crossings and checkpoints, intertwining memories and visions, times and languages, music and poetry, the bitterness and beauty of life.' mr/16:17


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