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Tuesday, August 21, 2018, 

Concert, exhibit at Ohrid Summer Festival

Concert, exhibit at Ohrid Summer Festival

Ohrid, 10 August 2018 (MIA) - Friday’s programme of Ohrid Summer Festival will feature a concert of the Albanian pianist Robert Bisha in St. Sophia Church and an art exhibition – oil paintings titled “Behind the Rainbow” by Kalina Brajkovska in Culture Centre ‘Grigor Prlicev.’

Robert Bisha is an outrageously talented pianist and composer, a genius improviser and one of the most gifted multi-instrumentalists you’ll ever see. His music is contemporary, enhanced with Avant-garde Jazz accents. He is an eclectic pianist, who the original music mixes the study, implementing the perfect technique of classical music to a contemporary harmonic research and the study of rich Albanian folklore.

Polyphonic vocal music is a living tradition in Albania and in 2005 was proclaimed a Masterpiece of the Intangible Heritage of Humanity by UNESCO. Albanian Iso-Polyphonic Choir is the most prominent representatives of the distinctive styles of southern Albania, where the drone can be sung either continuously or rhythmically against the interlacing melodies. “Iso” refers to the drone accompanying the singing. Rendered principally by male singers, it is performed during social events. Traditionally, iso-polyphony in the southern part of Albania has been passed on from parent to children.

Калина Брајкоска слика

Kalina Brajkovska finds joy in defying the shape and form. This is a brief definition of Kalina’s art, of her space and colour and their contact on the canvas. In the time between us and the classical art approach, Kalina is the borderline between the two worlds- the one that has left and the one just coming. Her gesture is an expression of the contrast around us, a display similar to the world of Peter Pan. The segment of this exhibition is the full line of colour, liberated from its constriction, in the search for new forms of the psychology of the seen. The colours accentuate the character and time, creating forms of free figures.

Brajkovska is a graduate of the Department of History of art and archaeology at the Faculty of Philosophy in Skopje. She lives and works in Skopje, and has been attracted to arts and painting from a very early age. She has been part of group exhibitions at the NLB Bank Gallery, has had pieces featured at the Skopje Design week in Kurshumli An, the Youth Culture Centre, and at the Design fair in Torino (clothes design). Her individual exhibitions were shown at the Youth Culture Centre and the café gallery “Concept 37” in Skopje. sk/08:51


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