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Thursday, June 21, 2018, 

Deputy PM Osmani 'satisfied' with implementation of 3-6-9 Plan

Deputy PM Osmani

Skopje, 24 February 2018 (MIA) - The process of implementing measures stemming from the 3-6-9 Plan is technical and a cumulative assessment cannot be made, but I'm satisfied with what has been done, Bujar Osmani stated Saturday.

"It's easy for me to say that the measures that are lagging behind is a result of poor coordination and unwillingness for cooperation on opposition's part. However, I don't want to accuse the opposition at all, I want to call on them to cooperate in order to implement a document deemed very important for EU accession," the Deputy PM told a news conference.

Part 3 of the long-term plan, according to him, covered the first three months beginning with the plan's launching and ending with the local elections in October with the purpose of organizing fair and credible elections and laying the grounds for the plan to be implemented. It has been completed with 90% realization.

"By wrapping up the local elections, we have kick-started part 6 and part 9 of the Plan that cover the period from concluding the elections until the release of the regular progress report of the European Commission in April. There are two more months before completing part 6 and part 9 of the Plan. During this time, we got the country on the right track to EU integration and won the support of all our friends," noted Deputy PM Osmani.

Asked what would happen if no agreement was to be reached with the opposition in the next couple of months, whether laws would be adopted without the approval of the opposition, Osmani said the dilemma was whether to start acting 'unilaterally or not.'

"As April is approaching, we have to deliver. The report will not be asking us whether we have differences within the country. The report notes the colors and the quality and how they are implemented in real life. They want the spirit of laws to be reflected in everyday life, they won't be interested in an alibi," the Macedonian Deputy PM said.

At the press conference, Osmani completely elaborated the implementation process of Plan 3-6-9+ saying judicial reforms were stalled because to adopt the necessary laws required engagement and consensus from the opposition. Also, reforms regarding amendments to the Rules of Procedures of Parliament and electoral reforms were delayed.

According to him, reforms in relation to security services, public administration, fight against organized crime, media, civil society, migration and the Ohird Framework Agreement were being implemented as planned without obstacles. ba/15:00


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