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Friday, September 21, 2018, 

Vucic: Beneficial for Serbia if Serbs and Albanians reach agreement

Vucic: Beneficial for Serbia if Serbs and Albanians reach agreement

Belgrade, 16 September 2018 (MIA) - Serbia will benefit the most if Serbs and Albanians reach an agreement and solve problems once and for all, says Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic in an op-ed in Belgrade daily "Blic".

Vucic says the two sides need to overcome the "provincial mentality" and realize this is a new era for the entire Balkans and Serbia.

He says there is myth in the region that Serbia is the main culprit for everything, always in favor of conflict and expansion at the account of others.

"Here lies the main problem. My policies go against myths and eternal truths, and on the other side we have the leftists and rightists, who live off myths. The matrix is the same, the approach is different, but the conclusion is still the same," notes Vucic.

According to him, these structures, both in Serbia and the region in general, do not want a normal state.

"They do not want a normal Serbia, a Serbia of compromises, a Serbia that finds its way in the world with work and knowledge, not weapons," stresses Vucic.

He wants to see Serbia a strong, successful, modern country that keeps to its word, threatens no one, wants peace not war, hating no one and extending its help, a country advocating rights to all people anywhere on the Balkans.

"These changes go against the provincial mentality. This is the biggest fear on this and the other side of the Balkan fence," says Vucic in the op-ed. ik/12:10


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