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Saturday, June 23, 2018, 

Vogue's top 10 best-dressed women in 2017


New York, 28 December 2017 (MIA) - A 63-year-old first lady is on the list, as are younger head-turners such as singer Rihanna and social media sensation Zendaya.

What they wore this year was snapped up eagerly by the fashion paparazzi, and inspired some of their fans to dress the same.

Here is Vogue magazine's top 10 list of the best-dressed women in 2017, with the names not ranked in any particular order.


The Irish-European actress, 35, who picked up Oscar and Golden Globe nominations this year for her role in historical film Loving, flitted between "tough and polished" on multiple red-carpet appearances.


Who can forget her all-conquering Comme des Garcons splash at the Met Gala in May? The 29-year-old also made others beautiful with her Fenty Beauty line and is part of a stellar female cast in heist movie Ocean's 8.

Натали Портман


The Dior ambassador, 36, carried her duties with style even as she was pregnant while promoting her Jackie movie.


The Breathe actress, 33, was a breath of fresh air on red carpets and in movie premieres with her choices of Valentino, Gucci and Oscar de la Renta garb. She was also classy in her role as Queen Elizabeth II in Netflix's The Crown.


Heads up, the Big Little Lies actress, 29, wins with her playful fashion sense, starting from the top, with her hair colour morphing from brunette to bleached.

Бриџит Макрон


The wife of French President Emmanuel Macron has a mind of her own, wearing whatever she wants. The 63-year-old has been togged in leather leggings, mini skirts and Louis Vuitton frock coats.

Ема Стоун


The Oscar winner is in the money, overtaking Jennifer Lawrence as the highest-paid actress - Forbes said she earned US$26 million (S$34.8 million) this year - and becoming a Louis Vuitton ambassador in October.


The 21-year-old social media sensation shows many shades of her chameleon persona, even dressing like a butterfly in promoting her movie, The Greatest Showman.

Her stylist said "you still haven't seen her do anything super sexy. She has a huge respect for the younger girls who've grown up with her and the ones who are discovering her now".

Никол Кидман


At 50, the actress no longer has to prove anything to anyone, so she dresses as she pleases. But she knows what works well for her - high-necked, waist-cinching gowns that frame her willowy body fetchingly.


The 31-year-old singer steps out of her famous sister Beyonce's shadow with a Grammy win this year for R&B performance for Cranes In The Sky. Like Beyonce, she is also in tune with how to stand out sartorially in a crowd. sk/09:38


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