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Sunday, June 24, 2018, 

Ellen DeGeneres quizzes Bill Gates on grocery prices

Ellen DeGeneres quizzes Bill Gates on grocery prices

Los Angeles, 23 February 2018 (MIA) - Bill Gates was named the richest man of 2017 however is appears he has no idea about how much he is spending on every day items.

In a hilarious clip from the Ellen DeGeneres show Bill is asked by the host to guess how much he thinks each grocery item costs to the nearest dollar, Daily Mail reports.

Despite knowing a lot of things Bill does not know how much a bag of pizza rolls costs, as he originally guessed they would be around $22.

Ellen revealed that they were in fact only $8.98 after Bill lowered his guess to $8, with a little help from the audience.

In a game coined 'Bill's Grocery Bills' by Ellen he is asked how long ago he visited a supermarket to which he replied 'a long time ago'.

Ellen asked him what he thought the prices of Rice-A-Roni, Tide Pods, dental floss, pizza rolls and spinach dip.

Bill was way off the mark on most of his guesses apart from dental floss which he was just a few cents away from the actual price.

The audience were told that if Bill was able to guess the prices of at least three out of the five items they would win a prize, which he eventually managed to do.

Later in the interview Ellen and Bill discuss his charity the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation.

They have pledged to donate $41.3 billion to the foundation, which focuses on global health, education and ending poverty. sk/09:36


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