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Sunday, August 19, 2018, 

Qapla'! Trekkies can now learn Klingon with Duolingo


Pittsburgh, 17 March 2018 (MIA) – Star Trek fans, rejoice: Language-learning platform Duolingo is now offering free lessons for the fictional language some have described as one of the most lovely and melodic tongues in the pantheon of fake languages. 

If you have always dreamt of learning it, the popular language-learning app will help you, in just 5 minutes a day, learn Klingon sentence structure, vocabulary, and useful phrases through word translation and picture matching.

Some of the phrases you will memorize include "Qapla' batlh je!" ("Success and honor") and "Dlvl' Hol yajbe' tlhIngan!" ("The Klingon does not understand English"). You will also have the opportunity to practice your new language skills by communicating with Trekkies already fluent in the language.

“Many Star Trek fans become curious about the Klingon language at some point, but learning a language takes time, energy and regular practice, especially when you’re just starting out,” says lead course creator and Star Trek fan Felix Malmenbeck, who started working on this project back in 2015.

Klingon was first heard on screen in Star Trek: The Motion Picture in 1979. The language was based on a few words written by actor James Doohan (who played Scotty), according to a 2009 Slate article detailing the history of Klingon. According to Space.com, Klingon was subsequently expanded by linguist Marc Okrand.

Duolingo was founded in 2009. The Pittsburgh-based firm offers aspiring learners dozens of courses in diverse real-life languages such as Welsh, Romanian, Vietnamese, as well as the always popular French, Italian, and Spanish.

Like all Duolingo courses, the Klingon course, too, is available free of charge. mr/13:27



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