England fan hilariously celebrates win in Colombian bar

England fan hilariously celebrates win in Colombian bar

Moscow, 6 July 2018 (MIA) - It's easy to celebrate a goal surrounded by thousands of fellow fans in pubs, bars or stadiums around the country.

It's a far more daunting task to celebrate it alone, in the middle of rival supporters, in their country - having just knocked them out of the World Cup on penalties.

But for one England fan it was all too much to contain as he ripped off his jacket in front of distraught Colombian supporters following the Three Lions' victory last night, Daily Mail reports.

The video begins just moments before England's fifth and final penalty taker - Eric Dier - steps up to take his spot kick. At least two dozen Colombia fans are filmed inside the local bar, head bowed with hands covering their face in fear.

Fears quickly turn to groans of defeat when Dier coolly slots away his penalty, leaving the Colombian supporters to make their way to the exit quietly in defeat.

Unfortunately for them, their silence was disturbed by an ecstatic solo England fan celebrated energetically in front of the defeated Colombians.

Hilariously, the England fan, with his arms flung in the air and chest puffed out and beer spilling everywhere heads straight for the person recording to celebrate.

Beating his chest, clapping his hands and throwing the odd swear word in there, the fan goads the Colombia supporters - and screams 'come on! come on!' at them.

And then, having finally provoked the fans into chanting Colombia in response, the man removes his jacket to reveal his bare chest and an large England back tattoo.

The surreal scenes descend further when an annoyed Colombia fan pushes the England supporter, only for the man to shrug his shoulders and ask 'what did I do?'

Realising he may have crossed the line in what has historically, though less recently, been a dangerous country, the England fan calms down and lowers his voice.

But then immediately forgets the warning and doubles down on his chanting again.

The video ends and the man leaves the bar after embracing another fan still celebrating England's win. sk/09:54


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