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Friday, April 20, 2018, 

Ex-secret service official Goran Grujevski sentenced to 1,5 years in jail

Ex-secret service official Goran Grujevski sentenced to 1,5 years in jail

Skopje, 8 November 2018 (MIA) - Former head of the Administration for Security and Counterintelligence (UBK), Goran Grujevski was sentenced Wednesday to 1,5 years in jail by the Criminal Court in Skopje. Six defendants, employees at the UBK, received suspended sentences.

Lence Ristovska, public prosecutor of the Special Public Prosecution (SPO), in her closing arguments delivered on Monday said the court should hand out the most severe sentence to Grujevski, who currently is pending extradition at a jail in Thessaloniki. As previously reported by MIA, he fled the country three months ago before being arrested by Greek police while trying to board a plane to leave Greece in early October.

According to Ristovska, the defendant deserved a heavy fine because he had committed the crime in the most brazen way by abusing his power and office. According to the SPO, he had ordered and masterminded the destruction of official documents exposing illegal wiretapping, had tried to hide evidence of who had been wiretapping and how and had hindered the investigation before fleeing the country in order to avoid being brought to justice to answer for the crime.

As regards the remaining six defendants, all employed at the Administration, the SPO urged for alternative measures, i.e. suspended sentences. The prosecutors pinpointed to several aggravating circumstances, such as lack of remorse for the crime committed, and to some alleviating circumstances as well, including no previous convictions and the fact that some of the accused were single parents.

The defence team of the accused in their closing arguments asked the court to acquit the defendants arguing that no criminal deed had been committed, only a misdemeanor.

Goran Grujevski is in extradition jail in Greece together with ex-employee of the UBK, Nikola Boskoski, who was supposed to serve as a witness in the Fortress 2 trial.

Fortress 2 is a case of the Special Public Prosecution in connection to the destruction of official documents related to illegal wiretapping. ba/13:02


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