Citizens to have insight into Government expenditures in a few clicks: FinMin

Citizens to have insight into Government expenditures in a few clicks: FinMin

Skopje, 12 September 2018 (MIA) - Citizens will have all information related to the budget expenditures in a few clicks, said Finance Minister Dragan Tevdovski on Wednesday.

"The Finance Ministry acknowledges the importance of data. That is why we are working on a new web-based platform titled 'Open Financing', which enables citizens to have insight into the Government expenditures in real time. We expect the platform to be operational by the year-end," Tevdovski told conference "Doing business in data-driven society".

He said data is used today as never before in order to take better decisions and make analyses.

"We are living in a fast-changing world and we need data to understand it. For example, Facebook is the world's largest media house that has never produced a single news item. Airbnb is the biggest hotel company that does not have a single room in its possession. The biggest taxi company does not own a single vehicle. Having timely data is crucial," noted Tevdovski.

According to him, data is the main resource of global companies and governments must use them to develop their economies, whereas better data leads to transparency.

"This, in return, leads to accountability. It enables us to take decisions based on processed information on how we use public funds and the largest benefit for our citizens," underlined FinMin Tevdovski. ik/13:24



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