In General
MIA’s web site is the right place for Your advertisements, especially if you want them to be seen by media representatives – journalists and editors – and also by a great number of officials, entrepreneurs and citizens.
While filling out this form, do not forget to write down Your exact e-mail address. In the space provided for your message, elaborate what and how you want to advertise/announce. Ask for the detailed Advertising Price List. MIA’s Marketing Service will send a reply in due time.

Formats and Sizes
The banner of MIA’s web site can be displayed in the following standard advertising formats (JPG, GIF, animated GIF or Flash) in following sizes: 500x70, 680x90, 519x100, 290x140, 140x100 pixels.

Prices for placing ads on the web site are determined by MIA’s Advertising Price List.

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MIA informs that any unauthorized publishing of news, photos or videos in another media (print, electronic or internet portal) costs MKD 30,000 without VAT, for each publishing of news, photo or video.

Individual who publishes unauthorized news, photos or videos, agrees to these terms.

MIA sells only its copyright photographs, while the rest (EPA) are used for the purposes of the MIA website.

For any unauthorized publication, MIA will send an invoice to the publisher with a payment due within eight (8) days.

In case the invoice is not paid within the set deadline, a late payment interest rate will be calculated and a procedure for forced collection against the unauthorized publisher will be launched.

Description of advertisement positions on MIA's website:  

МИА Ценовник за банери анг

The pricing list is the same during the campaign leading to the Referendum, which is to be held on September 30, 2018.


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